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About us

Founded in 1999 and member of the London Baltic Exchange, Altimar is a leading Shipbroking group with offices in United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Our multinational, highly reactive and experienced teams work on all five continents in the fields of Sale & Purchase of second hand tonnages, Newbuildings, Mid-Long Term Chartering and Ship Financing.

The close bonds of trust and friendship established throughout the years with Owners, Shipyards and financial institutions enable us to work with them directly. Our Clients, whether buyers, sellers, builders or charterers, are guaranteed optimum confidentiality at all times and in particular for off-market deals.

Our departments cover all business segments and all types of ships, floating units and port equipment: Dry Bulk, MPP, Container Vessels, Tankers, Chemical & Product Tankers, LNG & LPG Carriers, Cement Carriers, Roros, Passenger Vessels, Cruise Vessels and Ferries, Offshore & Supply Vessels, rigs and platforms, Salvage Vessels, cranes etc. as well as all types of River Vessels, Barges and Pontoons. We also ensure the Building and Sale & Purchase of Yachts.

Newbuilding & Financing

With an extensive orderbook of vessels across all sectors, successfully contracted and delivered, Altimar runs one of the world's leading newbuilding desks. We strive to maintain contacts and relationships with almost all the world's shipyards, hence we can provide detailed and reliable information with regards to berth availabilities, new design developments, new building prices and best terms & conditions. We have simultaneously established a substantial base of ship buying clientele who rely on us years after years for information, advice and intermediary services when they need to survey the market and decide whether it is the right time to build vessels.

We employ a highly specialized team of brokers, naval architects and consultants. We co-operate with the Owners and the builders, from the first stages of market investigation, throughout the different stages of design and construction, up to the launching, delivery and follow up of the vessel's life.

Our team can also suggest different tools of financing available, BBHP, leasing and other.

Sale & Purchase

Altimar runs one of the world's leading sale & purchase team. We have been involved in many of the highest profile transactions that have been concluded in the last decades. Our constant dialogue with a wide range of active clients gives us a very close eye on the markets developments. Simultaneously to professionally handling sale & purchase transactions of second hand tonnage, we also advise and assist our clients on the timing of their transactions and on their fleet planning strategy.

We sell & buy all types and sizes of commercial ships, MODUs, rigs & platforms, tugs & barges. We cover all shipping market segments: Dry Bulk, Roros, Liquid Bulk, Chemicals & Products, LNG, LPG, tugs, offshore, renewable energy, Containers, Passenger, Cruise Vessels, Fishing, Tug Boats, barges, port equipment etc.

We handle sales of Offshore Vessels and equipment used for Renewable Energy Production and in the exploration and production of underwater oil and gas fields. Such types of vessels include AHTSs, PSVs, FSVs, DSVs, Subsea Construction vessels, oil & gas rigs, pipe layers, etc.

Offshore - Renewable Energy

Altimar has been for years one of the most advanced shipbroker within the offshore oil and renewable energy industries. Our client base spans from oil majors to offshore construction and maritime security operators.

We handle the construction, sale & purchase and charter of all types of MODUs, rigs, offshore vessels, barges and equipment used for renewable energy production or in the exploration and production of underwater oil and gas fields. We concluded numerous deals involving purpose built wind turbines carriers, AHTSs, tugboats, PSVs, FSVs, DSVs, Subsea Construction vessels, oil & gas rigs,    pipe layers, crew boats, barges etc.

We know that the competition can be fierce and that the challenges of installing and operating wind projects or oil rigs at sea are real. We take pride in delivering excellent value for money solutions for any bespoke project, even the most sophisticated ones.

Towage & Salvage

Altimar's towage and salvage team is widely respected worldwide. We have direct contacts with almost all tug-owners, salvors, shipowners, H&M, P&I underwriters and ports worldwide.

We are able to provide prompt and accurate information on the position and status of most tugs worldwide by means of positions updated daily.

We provide immediate tug assistance on a 24/7 basis - call: +44 208 123 2169.

River transportation

Thanks to our direct contacts with Rivership Owners worldwide, our dedicated team has made so far numerous transactions for the construction, sale &purchase and chartering of all types of pushers, river vessels and barges, either self-propelled or unpropelled, for dry & wet cargoes and passengers.

We cover all the US, South American, European and Asian river waterways. We can also organise the towage or transportation of your newly acquired vessels to their new places of trading.

Dry Cargo Chartering

We handle with mid-long term chartering for all types of dry cargo Vessels worldwide.

Tanker chartering

We handle with mid-long term chartering for all types of tankers including crude, product, chemical, LPG, LNG, asphalt and bunker tankers.worldwide


Altimar Shipping
St Johns Chambers, Love Street
Chester CH1 1QN United Kingdom 
+44 208 123 2169
Altim Invest Limited
Rm1610, 118 Connaught Road West
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
+852 8191 1978 

Heavy-lift transportation

Transport of heavy and oversized cargoes requires an individual transport planning. We have experience moving unusually large and heavy ships, yachts and industrial items across the globe. Given our close ties with all heavy lift operators and port authorities worldwide, we can organise all your heavy transportations, including the most complicated ones.

We shall study with you the safest and most cost-effective solutions, either as deck part cargo or with semi-submersible vessels, tug/submersible pontoon combinations, flattop pontoons, tugs, heavy lift or ro-ro vessels and coasters.

Demolition & Recycling

We cover all major recycling destinations such as Europe, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and Turkey.

We make sure to deal only with reliable cash buyers with proven track record. We focus now especially on Green, Environmental friendly disposal of vessels, during which hazardous materials & toxic substances are handled in accordance with regulations.

Join us

No matter whether you are still studying, a recent graduate or have been working for many years, if you are excited about the potential of working at Altimar, we are interested in hearing from you.


Thanks to our updated database of S&P transactions, we evaluate precisely the current value of all kind of vessels including the specialized ones such as RoRo, PCT, Passenger, Fast Ferry, Cruise and Offshore.

We represent Lawyers, Classification societies, PandI clubs, Banks, average adjusters, ship owners and insurance companies.


For years, we have been actively involved in sale & charter back transactions, leasings, hire purchase acquisitions and project finance. We offer complete solutions and respond to the most complex requirements.

altim academy 

Altim Academy caters for the needs of primary school children whose parents work in the sea shipping industry.

A very warm welcome to Altim Academy, the education brand of Altimar, where all children from parents working in the sea shipping industry are welcome. Altim Academy is a friendly primary education organisation where we provide a secure learning environment so that everyone feels valued and safe, even when the parents are overseas or on board Vessels. The strong atmosphere of camaraderie and cooperation and a nurturing environment are of utmost importance throughout the school.
At Altim Academy, we cherish our pupils and encourage them all to develop emotionally, academically, socially and physically to achieve their full potential in all aspect of their school life. We strive to provide a learning environment where kids grow in safe and friendly surroundings, becoming lifelong learners and creative thinkers.

Our curriculum is innovative, offering all pupils the chance to develop their skills while enjoying their learning. An extended curriculum is implemented daily, philosophy, astronomy, drama and STEM, are taught in addition to the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, Languages and Humanities.


In order to apply, please explain your links with the sea shipping industry. You may be a shipowner, shipbroker, employee of a shipping firm, seafarers etc.

At Altim Academy, we know how important it is for parents of the shipping community to be able to choose a primary school where their child will receive the best possible education; in accordance with the child’s needs and interests. At the Admissions Office we value that you thoroughly learn everything that Altim Academy has to offer in terms of curriculum, extended curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Contact us for an appointment at +44 1244 94 1649 or by email at